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Musings on Music

I won't say that I have eclectic tastes. Really when you think about it we all do unless you only ever listen to one genre ever. I can't imagine someone not finding something good that's outside of their norms at least once. "Man if it's not turbo reggae-jazz then it's crap!" (yes I'm fully aware those people exist but they're lying to themselves). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I have almost never not liked a song because it has been placed in Category X or sung by Person Y. The major exception is Justin Bieber, but that's a given. In fact it's unusual for me to say that I completely like a band because for the most part I only care for one or two songs instead of the group as a whole. Notable exceptions: Tears for Fears, Garbage (albums 1-3), Depeche Mode, Hybrid, Daft Punk, and mcchris.

I have noticed over the years that my tastes fall into two distinct categories. Thinking Music and Mindless Music. The first is all music that has a certain depth to it. I don't just listen to it, but I feel it and mentally move with it. Most, if not all of my creative ideas stem from hearing the perfect song at the right time. You know I really like a song when my eyes are closed (unless I'm snoring then I'm just asleep). If I'm writing I MUST listen to music or else my brain doesn't cooperate. Below the cut are some of my favorite Thinking songs.

My mind is glowingCollapse )

Now as for Mindless stuff, well that's pretty self explanatory. It's the stuff I put on when I don't want to think. Anything from dubstep and techno to Echoes on public radio. This kind of music does the exact opposite that Thinking does. I find I'm more clearheaded and generally in an 'up' mood. As you can guess, this is what gets my body moving as well.

Two Turntables...Collapse )
How about you out there in LJ-land? Does music do the same thing to you?

Free time is an illusion

In less than three weeks I'll be done with this semester. HUZZAH! But, as always happens, this is when I'm at my busiest.

School To-Do:
Standard homework
Last Test in Auditing and Intermediate Accounting I
Revise Tax Memo paper
Write and format Auditing debate project

Nashicon To-Do:
No costume promises but I kinda want a new costume >_<
Prep paperwork for costume contests
Put together D20 Girls box for table jic

Trek Trax ATL To-Do:
Prep K-gear (uniform and pageant)
Again no costume promises but I really want to have a Starfleet uniform.

In all honesty this isn't a lot. The issue (it's not really a problem) is that I'm house-sitting the week between Nashi and TTA everything has to be done before the 19th. Ten days is a short amount of time. Eep!

There's one in every office

Last Friday both the A/R lady and the Office Manager were out for the Flowertown Festival (it's a big thing here). I cover their desks as needed. There isn't much I can do for the Manager but A/R requires a lot of attention from me. Normally this ain't no thang, however since it was Friday I had to work upfront at reception starting at 1pm. This left me only 4 hours to do all of my own work PLUS all of A/R's work. I did the most important things first and when it came to the end I wasn't able to do the cash receipts. This isn't huge because most of our payments come via credit card. I did the best I could and left what could wait until today.

Welp the A/R lady strolls in today (I was here at 8:20, she didn't get in till after 9). First she bitches that I didn't do the cash receipts. I tell her that I was busy. Her response "Well that's a change!" along with some mumbling I can't hear.

Excuse me?

Then she calls me and asks if I had the shipping manifest at my desk. There's absolutely no reason for me to have it at my desk, particularly since I did it at hers.

"No I don't have it."
"Well did you DO IT?!"
*thinking* omg I want to punch you "Of course I did it. I put the copies in the bin I always put them in and the truck copy on *blank*'s desk."
"Well it's not here."
*few moments pause*
"Oh here it...*click*"

Yeah she HUNG UP ON ME. No apology or anything. Now I'm normally a very mellow person. I don't like starting conflict but if she says one more thing to me it's fucking on. I was having a pretty damn good day until her dumb ass wiggled in.

Sometimes I think I keep LJ for the icons

My office smells like maple syrup right now. O_o

Anyhoo, I'm here to talk about Elder Scrolls Online. I was able to do several beta tests with it, which made me want to buy the game. I'm on day 3 of the 5 day early-in and WOW I'm having fun. That said I feel like as soon as the gates open I'm going to walk away for a week or two just to let the beginners get out of the way. Sadly I haven't been able to dedicate a ton of time so I'm still in the early areas. Makes me wish I could have ported my beta toon over because that would have helped a bunch. Oh well!

Is anyone else playing?

Just a quickie

I'm still around although I have neglected LJ for about a month which is uncharacteristic for me. Busy I guess? Anyway I went through posts till about Christmas then gave up. If there's something you think I need to know just drop me a line. I hope everyone had a great holiday!! <3

Weekend Happy Fun Time GO!

The weekend was fairly nice, if less than productive then I'd like. However I didn't wake up this morning with crippling back pain so I guess I can't complain.

Friday night the roomies and I hit the fair. Predictably it started raining shortly after we arrived. It didn't stop us from having fun or stuffing ourselves with fair food. I ended up buying an umbrella hat and a bottomless mug of root beer. Good times. When we got home we were all soaked and exhausted, but that just meant we slept really well.

I honestly can't remember what I did Saturday aside from hanging with Siana and putting things away. Sunday was more of the same, but I did get a few important things done like setting up my computer and hanging curtains.

Pretty much from now till when ever I'll be setting myself a goal of 3-5 boxes unpacked a night. Since I have my bookcases and sewing room set up that shouldn't be too horrible. Right?

So this thing at work happened today...

As most of you know, I'm not a huge fan of talking about religion. The policy of keep my head down and my mouth shut has served me well over the years. However...

Several months ago our elderly janitor posted several full-color pages copied from a Biblical story book on the wall next to the time clock. As soon as I saw them the hair on my neck stood up and I got MAD. I'm cool with whatever you feel like doing up until the point that you shove it in my face. These were big, bright, and would fall in my line of sight every time I went by the time clock (which is very often since it's right by the warehouse doors). I spoke to my manager, let her know I was upset, but also told her that I wouldn't say anything to either the janitor or take any action. I'm well aware of how things work and decided that this wasn't worth the effort. Part of wanting to have your religious views (or lack of) respected is that you have to respect the views of others. I can be an adult when necessary after all.

Time passed and I came to ignore the pages. Until today. The janitor called me over to where they were on the wall. They were still there, but had been wrinkled and re-taped. He said, "Someone tore these down. Was it you?" It was said more in a 'I know you did it' kind of way. This pissed me off greatly. I said something along the lines of 'excuse me?' and 'how dare you' before walking away. When I got to my desk I turned around and said, loudly, "*blank*, those things have been up for ages. If I was going to tear them down I would have done it then." End of conversation. He wisely didn't speak to me again (although I was told later that he said I needed to 'find God', but it was after I was out of ear shot).

See, he's been trying to help me 'find God' since I stupidly let it slip that I'm agnostic, specifically agnostic theist. Essentially I believe there's something out there but I don't know what and therefore don't follow any organised religion. I also fully respect all religions that don't promote hate and harm against others (suck it Westboro), and 99% of my friends are cool with it while the 1% just ignore it. Anyway, since then he goes out of his way to post things about faith and God, talk about God loudly, and other things that would probably annoy me if I didn't go 'Oh you silly old man'. See? Adult-like behavior from me. He, however, firmly believes that I'm a Satanist or something like that. Meh whatever.

Shortly after the incident my manager and a groovy co-worker talked me down from my rage ledge. It's not worth getting angry over, but man it got to me today. At least it's over and I didn't punch a little old man for being a jerk. Mutherf'ing Adult!

Update: Just as I was about to post this my manager asked if I'd like to write a formal letter to the store's owner. I'm thinking it over.

To-Do: Optimistic Edition

Today (after work):
~Game Stop (more so they remember my face for seasonal work then to buy stuff)
~Food shopping
~Clean kitchen (inc mopping...ugh...)
~Get rid of clutter in sewing area

~Clean living room
~Finish 2nd half of ACC245 homework
~ACC245 midterm
~Get ahead with ACC245 homework (max 5 hrs combined work)
~Pack at least 5 boxes of whatever
~Cut pattern for Banzai costume

~Finish anything left from Saturday's list
~Finish ACC102 homework
~Start ACC102 homework for next week
~Take bestest Sunday afternoon nap
Soooo I have three Xbox games that I bought but haven't played. At all. Two are still in shrink wrap. Why? I haven't had the time. School has got me wrapped around its student loan giving finger. I guess I'm just being a mature adult (stop laughing!) but it kinda sucks. I almost feel like I need to make time to play games because being a gamer is a HUGE part of my personality. It might also explain why I've been feeling so stressed and am having trouble sleeping. Games are my outlet. I mean, it's better to pretend that I'm beating up hookers and leaping out of trees to knife Templars in the throat then actually doing it....right? Right sure it is.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to get a few weeks ahead with my homework so maybe in a week or two I can have a 'fuck it' weekend. I like those kinds of weekends.

I'm being an ADULT

Ok so the offer my roommate put on a house was accepted. YAY! If the gods and goddesses are with us we should be moving sometime in October. I'm hoping for mid-October since I have out of town plans the first and last weekend. Oi!

The place is VERY nice. Not 'omg posh' but a huge step up from where we are now. The bonus is that only two rooms need painting (three if I feel like painting mine), and I get a real sewing room. A REAL SEWING ROOM! AHH!! And there's a huge garage and an ATTIC for storage!! The only down side is that it's farther from work but whatever. It's right off the interstate so it won't be horrid.

That said I'm going to be doing a belt tightening. So far I cancelled a few figures I had on pre-order (kept only the Sailor Moon one), all but one game for the Xbox One (Assassins Creed is too good to lose), and I'll be selling off of much of my collection (the last time I threatened this I couldn't go through with it).

There will be a lot of Friends Only pricing. I also promise not to hose you on shipping/handling.

A general list as follows (links for reference only):
Professor Snape 3rd Year mini-bust by Gentle Giant - $150 (has gone for as much as $500 - on ebay now for $200) Numbered. Comes in original box and has certificate.
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy statue - $175 (VERY RARE!!!) Numbered. Comes in original box and has certificate.
Escaflowne Statue - $100/OBO (below original retail!) Comes in original box (will need to check if numbers/has certificate but I think this was a mass production)

I also have many gashapon/trading figures from a number of series, as well as smaller merch, manga, and anime.